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Date of inquiry Category Title Writer Inquiry status 답변시간
18:02 [기타] Secret Post 6천포인트가없어졌어요 Newly registered post 한별 Submit 0000-00-00
2023.05.21 [상품/이벤트] Secret Post 20만원이상사은품 한별 Answer completed 2023.05.22
2023.05.19 [반품/환불/교환/AS] Secret Post 반품/환불 문의 송소담 Answer completed 2023.05.19
2023.05.01 [상품/이벤트] Secret Post 1+1 행사 김영미 Answer completed 2023.05.03
2023.05.01 [주문/결제] Secret Post 주문 확인 드립니다. 신효선 Answer completed 2023.05.01
2023.04.27 Secret Post 참마유크림 ex 유정아 Answer completed 2023.04.27
2023.03.19 [상품/이벤트] Secret Post 재입고 관련 문의 원해요 Answer completed 2023.03.22
2023.01.24 [기타] Secret Post 문의드립니다 심재철 Answer completed 2023.01.27
2023.01.13 [상품/이벤트] Secret Post 참마유크림 신효선 Answer completed 2023.01.13
2022.12.02 Secret Post 문의드립니다 박서연 Answer completed 2022.12.06
2022.12.02 [주문/결제] Secret Post 주문했는데요 이문재 Answer completed 2022.12.06
2022.11.28 [상품/이벤트] Secret Post 제주동백 토너 우수현 Answer completed 2022.11.28
2022.11.28 Secret Post 재주문 김성중 Answer completed 2022.11.28
2022.11.27 [주문/결제] Secret Post 주문 취소 김성중 Answer completed 2022.11.28
2022.11.25 [주문/결제] Secret Post 할부 김미연 Answer completed 2022.11.28

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