About Lycoris


  • In 1991,
    there is a botanist who first discovered Lycoris Chejuensis K.H.Tae & S.C.Ko
    which grows only on clean Jeju in the world.

    Lycoris Chejuensis 1991
  • This discovery was led to study the native
    animals and plants of Jeju and ultimately develop
    and release natural cosmetics.

  • With an addition of science to the nature,
    we deliver the essence of pure Jeju to our customers under the name of 'Lycoris.'

Company Introduction


Welcome to Lycoris!

Lycoris established in 2010 is a cosmetics manufacturer having its head office in Jeju. We have rummaged the island to find a natural ingredient which is good for skincare but couldn't be found elsewhere and made our best efforts to develop innovative cosmetics through R&D.

Lycoris has studied various natural ingredients(ex: horse fast, horse placental protein, Rubus hirsutus Thunb, camellia placenta(hydrolyzed vegetable protein), etc) through its R&D Institute. We keep working hard to develop raw ingredients with the natural biological resources obtained from the sea, fields & mountains and Gotjawal Forest of Jeju and finished goods.

Lycoris products have earned national certification in many countries such as the U.S, Japan and China. We also obtained LOHAS Certification which pursues a healthy life and environmental conservation. As a result, our natural products have been exported to nine countries for the past seven years. They are also provided through diverse channels such as shopping centers and online shopping malls as well as duty-free shops in Seoul and Jeju International Airport.

Our new head office was launched in Iho-dong, Jeju between the beautiful sea and scenic Hallasan Mountain in October 2015, hoping for another leap forward. All our employees are committed and deter-mined to produce our own cosmetics having the genuine beauty of Jeju. We expect a lot of support and interest from you. We promise that we will keep making our best efforts to respond to all our customers with better products and services.


2010 ~ NOW

  • 2023's

    Exported to Taiwan, Russia
    Awarded Encouragement Award at the 13rd Jeju Exporters' Day
  • 2022's

    Exported to Taiwan and Vietnam
  • 2021's

    Exported to Taiwan, Lithuania and Germany
  • 2020's

    Exported to Taiwan and Philippines
  • 2019's

    Exported to Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Mongolia
    2019's Factory registration certificate
    2019's ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic (GMP) certificate
  • 2018's

    Exported to Japan, Taiwan and Lithuanial
  • 2017's

    Finland Exports in April
    China Exports in March
    Bangladesh Exports in March
    Thailand Exports in February
  • 2016's

    Lithuania Exports in May
    Joines the international trade mission to china
    Business launched JTO Duty Free Shop
    Business launched at SM Duty Free Shop
    Export to China
    2nd Export to Taiwan
    Export to Taiwan
    Participated in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
  • 2015's

    Designated as 'Promising Export Firm
    Participated in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
    Moved into the new company building
    Joined the international trade mission to China/Russia
    Business launched at BELPORT
    China Exports in September
    Japan Exports in May
    Hongkong Exports in Febuary
  • 2014's

    Business launched at JDC Dutyfree 2nd Hongkong Exports in september
    Joined the trade mission to 3 Southeast Asian countries
    Participated in Korean Commodity Exhibition in Jinan, China
    Thailand Exports in March
    Hongkong Exports in May
    China Exports in May
    Thailand Exports in March
    Participated in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
    Participated in Global Buyer Business Meeting
  • 2013's

    ROHAS excellent selection of Chamayu cream in May
    Entering a shop in Lotte Duty Free, January
    Japan exports in January
    2nd contract of RIS small-sized entrepreneurial support by the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Awarded Excellence Award at the 3rd Jeju Exporters' Day
    TRCU Certification registered in Russia
    FDA-approved company and product registered
    CFDA-approved company and product registered
  • 2012's

    Lithuanian exports in January
    Turkey exports in March
    Selected as Global IP Star Enterprises
    Establishment of Lycoris Intitute (R&D Center) in June
    Lithuania exports in December
    Hong Kong exports in Oct, and Nov
    Global Star Enterprises Selection in April
  • 2011's

    Release 3 functional placenta products for wrinkle improvement certified by KFDA
    Production and release of Chamayu cream
    Registration of horse placenta extract extract manufacturing and food-related patent
    Venture company certification (No. 20110100601, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)
    Establishment of Seoul branch in Samsung COEX
    Enter contract on new development and right of Jeju knowledge center brand
    2nd contract of RIS small-sized entrepreneurial support by the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • 2010's

    Establishment of Lycoris Co., Ltd. (10.01)
    Business registration
    Food production processing license
    Distribution specialized sales license
    Application of horse placenta extract manufacturing and food-related patent
    Enter contract of RIS entrepreneurial business support by the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Cosmetics manufacturing license
    Release of placenta soap product



  • 19-H-0049 Rev.0

    ISO 22716 : 2007

    Cosmetic – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


  • No. 459

    Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales License

  • No. 218

    Cosmetic Manufacturers License

  • 501102019444846

    Factory registration certificate

    Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
  • Certificate No.: 20210414020012

    Certificate of Venture Business




  • Headquarters and Research Center

    TEL : +82-64-772-8800
    FAX : +82-64-772-8808
    ADDRESS : 108 Ogwang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea [Postal Code] 63110

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